Medical & Marketing Webinar Presentations: A 2020 Round-Up

February 17, 2021  |  By Elise Hamann

Want to stay abreast of the latest in practice marketing and all things shockwave?

Medical & Marketing Webinar Presentations_ A 2020 Round-UpImmerse yourself in our library of medical webinars by subject matter experts; it’s a treasure trove of video presentations shared over the past year. Expand your range of EPAT/ESWT applications, your understanding of practice marketing,, and more. These renowned specialists present their first-hand knowledge, mastery, and skills. They generously give tips on what has worked for them so that viewers can put the learning into practice. The fresh perspectives offered are not to be missed.

In our medical webinar presentation round-up, fifteen presentations are divided into 4 at-a-glance categories. Lots to choose from! 

New and Noteworthy Medical Device Webinar Presentation

It's not every day that breakthrough medical technologies are launched in the U.S. You'll share our excitement while viewing this medical device webinar presentation on new technology and a new product launch.

1. The Official U.S. Introduction to EMTT and the MAGNETOLITH Debut

In this webinar, you'll be introduced to Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Technology (EMTT), an exciting non-invasive, evidence-based modality. World-renowned expert Dr. Ludger Gerdesmeyer provides a thorough overview of how this breakthrough technology works. He further reveals how he incorporates EMTT into his continuum of care and shares his successes.

Spotlight on Shockwave Therapy Webinar Presentations

The art, science, and regenerative powers of shockwave treatment are indisputable. There’s plenty to learn; start right here, view any or all of the following webinar presentations.

2. The Art of Shockwave 

Dr. Karsten Knobloch presents on the art of shockwave. His comprehensive overview includes a brief history, as well as the physics of shockwave therapy and the difference between Radial Pressure Wave (EPAT) and Focused Shockwave (ESWT).

3. Practicing Evidence-Based Medicine with Shockwave

Dr. Hani Saeed answers frequently asked questions about EPAT/ESWT. In this webinar, he reveals his well-balanced approach to both the art and science of shockwave therapy, including incorporating it early in the continuum of care.

4. The Importance of Shockwave in Regenerative Medicine

When exploring the benefits of shockwave, this webinar held in conjunction with The Orthobiologic Institute's 2020 Virtual Conference is a must-see. Dr. Karsten Knobloch features the clinical evidence of this non-invasive, risk-free treatment modality. 

5. The Benefits of Combining Shockwave and Manual Therapy

Learn how a leading shockwave practitioner Dr. Brian Nathanson is distinguishing his practice by offering shockwave. Discover precisely how he’s successfully incorporated this technology into his treatment plans to improve patient outcomes.

Medical Webinars About Shockwave Treatment by Specialty

Finding medical webinars specifically geared to the use of EPAT/ESWT in your field of interest is no challenge here. Peruse the selection below and watch whatever piques your interest.

6. Combining Shockwave and Orthobiologic Therapies: Part 1

Want to improve outcomes for soft tissue conditions by combining EPAT/ESWT with other biologics? In this webinar, Dr. Brice Blatz shares evidence and experience on integrating shockwave with orthobiologic treatments.

7. Combining Shockwave and Orthobiologic Therapies: Part 2

Treating patients with arthritic conditions, including bone marrow lesions? Tune in to Part 2 of this informative webinar series presented by Dr. Brice Blatz about successfully combining advanced orthobiologic therapies with shockwave.

8. Treating Neuropathy with EPAT: 10 Years of Success

Dr. Jeffrey Kleis shares his results and knowledge from treating more than 600 patients over the last 10 years. Explore why 90% of patients see a greater than 50% reduction in symptoms and how the resulting referrals have helped build his practice.

9. Accelerated Return to Sport: How and When to Incorporate Shockwave When Treating Your Athletes

Add shockwave therapy to your continuum of care and incorporate it at the outset of treatment. Dr. Amol Saxena champions this evidence-based, “platinum” technology and provides various reasons and examples as to why he chooses non-invasive EPAT/ESWT.

10. The Art of Shockwave in Sports Medicine

Dr. Karsten Knobloch's memorable webinar presents the efficacy of radial pressure wave (EPAT) and focused shockwave (ESWT) for common athletic-related conditions. 

11. ESWT in Urology

Are you treating patients with urological conditions who suffer from erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, induratio penis plastica, chronic prostatitis, and chronic pelvic pain syndrome? Don’t miss this webinar by leading urologist and shockwave expert Dr. Lars Lund. 

Educational Webinar Series on Practice Marketing 

Wondering how to grow your practice more efficiently and effectively? You can skyrocket practice growth by implementing the tips shared within this educational webinar series. Each of the practice marketing presentations contains solutions to employ in your practice to achieve desired growth.

12. How to Grow Your Physician Referrals

Are you tapping into the power of physician referrals to grow your practice? Discover the best ways to expand your network using both digital and in-person techniques. This webinar is loaded with tips you can put to the test immediately.

13. Medical Practice Marketing: COVID and Beyond

Practical tips and aha moments are featured in this marketing webinar. COVID brought with it unique practice challenges. Tune in to learn how to move your practice forward amid a pandemic and beyond.

14. Public Relations 101: How to Get the Word Out About You, Your Practice and Your Services

Watch to learn how to develop story ideas, build relationships with local reporters, and make the most of the press coverage you receive. Plus, discover ways to position yourself as a thought leader among patients, referring physicians, and the public.

15. Local SEO for Practices: A Guide to Ranking Higher and Attracting Patients in Local Search

Search Engine Optimization lessons you won’t want to miss in this informative session, which puts a laser focus on the power of local search. Discover how to use it to drive additional traffic to your website and bring more patients to your practice.

As you can see, whatever the topic, it’s most likely that we have a webinar for or that we will have one coming soon. Check back often as our webinar presentation library continues to grow.

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