Webinar: EPAT for Neuropathy - 10 Years of Success

Presented by Jeffrey Kleis, DPM

Jeffrey Kleis2Neuropathy is a challenging condition to treat. However, Dr. Jeffrey Kleis, DPM, is giving patients new hope: 90% of his patients have a greater than 50% reduction in symptoms after EPAT treatment. 

In this webinar, a leading expert foot and ankle surgeon shares his 10 years of success using EPAT to treat over 600 patients with neuropathic symptoms due to many causes, including diabetes, autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia and alcoholism. 

Throughout this highly informative presentation, Dr. Kleis shares how he’s using EPAT to treat neuropathy and also discusses:

  • Conditions that are most likely to respond well to EPAT
  • Clinical evidence that support his experience
  • Typical treatment plans and protocols
  • Setting patient and practitioner expectations
  • Long-term treatment planning
  • How EPAT has been an effective practice-building tool 

Interesting to note, within two weeks of returning to normal practice hours, Dr. Kleis’ practice was back to 80% of patient volume prior to the pandemic.

If you see patients with neuropathy, take the opportunity to explore how EPAT is achieving high patient satisfaction and providing a steady flow of patients for this thriving practice. 

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