Acoustic Wave Therapy for Pain & Aesthetics

More patients, like you, today are seeking out non-surgical, low-risk treatment options to help you look and feel better faster, without surgery, downtime or side effects. That's exactly how shockwave technology like AWT and EMTT can help.

This interest and demand drive the development of cutting-edge technologies that boost your body’s regenerative potential for faster, long-term healing. 


Acoustic Wave Therapy for Pain Treatment

Are you suffering from acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain? Is your pain keeping you from engaging in the activities you love? Get better faster with shockwave and EMTT. There's no surgery or anesthesia, no downtime, no scarring, and no risk.

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Acoustic Wave Therapy for Aesthetics

Ready to look better, without surgery? Regenerative solutions, like AWT, can tighten skin, increase blood flow, stimulate collagen formation, improve circulation and drainage, and normalize muscle tone.

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Find an Acoustic Wave Therapy Provider Near You

Need help finding a medical professional near you who offers shockwave and/or EMTT for pain or AWT for aesthetic concerns? Let us help you!

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Hear What Real Acoustic Wave Therapy Patients Have to Say

There’s a reason EPAT has a patient satisfaction rate of more than 80%. It helps active individuals look and feel better faster, without downtime. Here are some of the stories from those who have used EPAT and other non-invasive regenerative solutions and, most importantly, who have benefitted from this treatment.

Let Your Medical Professional Know About EPAT and AWT

Medical professionals are continuously seeking ways to improve patient outcomes by offering the treatment options that patients, like you, are considering. Would you like to let your doctor’s office know about EPAT and other regenerative solutions from CuraMedix? We can help!