Leader of the Pack, Paul Hobrough, Ensures Runners Don’t Miss a Step

March 25, 2020 | by Elise Hamann
Renowned UK physiotherapist, exercise physiologist and sports scientist, Paul Hobrough’s primary specialty is treating ...

Applied Tissue Regeneration: Technologies, Treatment and Conditions

March 12, 2020 | by Elise Hamann
Curious about leveraging technological advances in applied tissue regeneration to improve patient outcomes? Extracorporeal ...

Shock Wave Treatment Results for Upper and Lower Extremities

February 27, 2020 | by Elise Hamann
Research published in December, 2018 in the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Journal  Even more research and studies from ...

Research Report: The Role of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment In Musculoskeletal Disorders

January 30, 2020 | by Elise Hamann
Increasing research suggests that Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment (ESWT) is safe and effective for treating several ...

Focused Shock Wave and Radial Pressure Wave Prove to Be Winning Combination to Effectively Treat Achilles Tendinopathy

December 12, 2019 | by Elise Hamann
New research published in the Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons Journal 2019  

Are Steroid Injections As Safe As We Once Thought?

November 20, 2019 | by Elise Hamann
New research published by the Radiological Society of North America Cortisone injections are a common treatment protocol ...

Published Report: Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy in Lower Limb Sports Injuries

September 24, 2019 | by Elise Hamann
Compelling research summary from leading physicians including Haylee E. Brogstrom, MD, Amol Saxena, DPM and Adam S. ...

Cellulite Treatment with Stem Cells and Shock Waves

June 20, 2019 | by Elise Hamann
In a recent article, Dr. Karsten Knobloch (FACS, president of German Shock Wave Society DIGEST) describes the positive ...