Regenerative Solutions:
Wound Healing

Non-invasive, regenerative solutions from CuraMedix work on their own or in tandem with one another to help treat non-healing wounds, diabetic and non-diabetic ulcers, scars, and burns.


For patients who suffer from non-healing wounds, diabetic gangrene, diabetic and non-diabetic ulcers, skin burns, and other conditions, non-invasive focused shockwave has proven to be a promising treatment. 

Extracorporeal Focused Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) is an innovative evidence-based technology platform which utilizes unique sets of advanced acoustic pressure waves used extensively worldwide to stimulate blood flow and induce new capillary formation (angiogenesis). The release of the proteins eNOS and VEGF produced by focused shockwaves promotes neovascularization and wound closure.

CuraMedix distributes and supports the complete suite of STORZ Medical’s shockwave therapy and EMTT devices.


Important Information for U.S. Customers

Certain devices and references made herein to specific indications of use may have not received clearance or approval by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Practitioners in the United States should first consult with their local CuraMedix representative in order to ascertain product availability and specific labeling claims. Federal (USA) law restricts certain devices referenced herein to sale, distribution, and use by, or on the order of a physician, dentist, veterinarian, or other practitioner licensed by the law of the State in which she/he practices to use or order the use of the device.

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