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Webinar: Public Relations 101: How to Get the Word Out About You, Your Practice and Your Services

Presented by Maureen Condon and Tori Morris, Precision Marketing Group

One way to build your reputation in your community and attract more patients is through public relations. In this practical webinar, you’ll explore how PR works and why you may want to consider implementing a few techniques to highlight your experience, expertise and services that set you apart from your competition. 

When you build relationships with local media, you can help influence how potential patients and referring physicians perceive your practice. In this highly informative presentation, you’ll learn more about:

  • How PR can help you raise awareness and acquire new patients 
  • What is newsworthy (and what is not)
  • Tips for getting featured in local media outlets
  • Why storytelling is so compelling and how to tell a good story
  • Ways to establish yourself as a thought leader
  • How to get the most out of the coverage you get

Drawing on decades of experience, much of it in the medical industry, the presenters provide relevant examples and practical tips for building your reputation in your community. By the end of the presentation, you’ll have plenty of food for thought and techniques you can implement right away.

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