Shockwave Therapy and EMTT for Osteoarthritis

February 7, 2024  |  By Elise Hamann

X-ray film of a knee with osteoarthritis, showing both anterior-posterior (AP) and lateral views. The images reveal a narrowed joint space indicative of cartilage degradation typical in osteoarthritis.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, osteoarthritis impacts over 32.5 million adults in America and can affect patients in their teens and twenties to older adults. Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) and Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy (EMTT) are innovative medical technologies that enable medical professionals to treat osteoarthritis non-invasively and help patients get better faster, minus risk and downtime.

Because osteoarthritis is considered the most common cause of disability among adults in this country, it's critical to utilize effective, therapeutic approaches that minimize its impact.

The Benefits of Shockwave Therapy for Osteoarthritis

Shockwave therapy for osteoarthritis offers significant benefits for patients seeking relief from pain and associated limitations. Here are eight advantages of shockwave therapy: 

  1. Evidence-based: Extensive research and numerous clinical studies support the efficacy of shockwave therapy in treating osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal disorders, tendonitis, and more.

  2. Non-invasive: Unlike injections and surgical interventions, shockwave therapy for osteoarthritis is entirely non-invasive, eliminating risk and the need for lengthy recovery downtime.

  3. No anesthesia required: Shockwave therapy does not require anesthesia. It stands out as a safe and comfortable treatment and is a welcome relief to patients looking to avoid anesthesia.

  4. No risk of infection: Because no incisions or injections are required, no sharp object penetrates the skin, essentially eliminating the likelihood of infection.

  5. No scarring: No incision means no scarring. There is no need to worry about unsightly scars or the formation of scar tissue; this treatment preserves the skin's natural appearance.

  6. No downtime: In contrast to surgery or other invasive treatments, shockwave requires little to no downtime. This means patients can reasonably expect to resume normal activities shortly after treatment.

  7. Cost-effective: While surgery and other invasive treatments involve high costs incurred by hospitalization, extended downtime, loss of work, etc., shockwave treats osteoarthritis effectively in a few short visits, providing cost savings to patients in many ways.

  8. Faster, more effortless healing: ESWT/ EPAT ignites the body's natural healing capacity, stimulating tissue regeneration and repair. All of this accelerates healing timelines for patients.

It's easy to see why shockwave is hailed as a game-changer in treating osteoarthritis and various musculoskeletal conditions. Shockwave's array of advantages to patients and medical practices is outstanding.


Why Offer Shockwave Therapy to Patients with Osteoarthritis

Medical professionals dedicated to patient healing should offer shockwave therapy to patients with osteoarthritis due to its ability to deliver non-invasive pain relief, vastly improve joint function, and reduce patient reliance on OTC and prescription pain medication. 

Here is a list of more advantages related to shockwave therapy for osteoarthritis:

  1. Over 80% patient satisfaction: Exceptional patient satisfaction rates are instrumental to thriving

    in today's competitive healthcare landscape.

  2. Competitive advantage of expanded service offering: Becoming the go-to provider for

    innovative, breakthrough healing alternatives puts you at a considerable competitive advantage.

  3. Achieve practice growth: New streams of revenue flow as new streams of patients come forth,

    seeking regenerative treatments by name.

  4. Efficiency gains: Incorporating ESWT, EPAT, and EMTT into your continuum of care streamlines

    patient care processes, reduces wait times, and optimizes staff performance.

  5. Reduced referral dependency: medical professionals can expect minimized dependency on

    referrals by offering comprehensive solutions under one roof.

  6. Patient retention and loyalty: Patients appreciate the convenience of finding treatment solutions

    from a trusted provider as it simplifies medical care and naturally increases patient loyalty to thei

    trusted provider.

By offering best-in-class alternatives to treating osteoarthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions, physicians and healthcare providers create a pathway to improve the practice's financial performance and ROI.

Research Supporting the Use of Shockwave Therapy for Osteoarthritis 

Medical practitioners can trust the efficacy of shockwave therapy for osteoarthritis, as numerous published studies support the value of this therapeutic approach. This supportive body of clinical studies advances evidence-based practice, reveals optimized treatment protocols, and ensures the safety of patients. Review the summary and study links below:

Shockwave Therapy vs Cortisone Injections for Osteoarthritis

We have covered the benefits of non-invasive shockwave therapy for osteoarthritis, and now we’ll explore how it differs from cortisone injections for osteoarthritis. It’s important to note that non-invasive approaches do not have the same inherent risk that often accompany more invasive treatments, including corticosteroid injections. 

Osteoarthritis (OA) of the hip and knee is among the most well-known joint disorders seen in medical practices today. Cortisone injections have long been among the most common treatments offered to patients suffering from joint pain, particularly in the hips and knees. 

In addition to the invasive nature of injections, they also open the door to a host of negatives and complications. In a special report published in the journal Radiology, researchers looked closely at intra-articular corticosteroid injections in the hip and knee. They examined whether they do more harm than good. In summary, there's an increased clinical awareness of adverse joint events after intra-articular corticosteroid injections. 

Notable discoveries within the Radiology study include the negatives of cortisone injections and reveal the need for additional research:

  • Adverse joint events after corticosteroid injection, including accelerated osteoarthritis progression, subchondral insufficiency fracture, complications of osteonecrosis, and rapid joint destruction with bone loss, are becoming more recognized by physicians and radiologists, who may consider adding these risks to patient consent.
  • Specific imaging findings and patient characteristics could only potentially assist radiologists and other physicians identify which joints are at risk for complications after IACS injections combined with local anesthetics.
  • The radiology community should encourage high-quality research to further understand these adverse joint findings and how they possibly relate to the IACS injections to prevent or minimize complications.

No patient should have to endure damaging side effects and setbacks like this, and they don't have to because safe alternative treatment, like shockwave therapy, is a superior option.

EMTT for Osteoarthritis

Regenerative medicine's rising star, EMTT, is evidence-based, non-invasive, and an exceptional complement to EPAT/ESWT. Also, EMTT can be used as a stand-alone treatment for osteoarthritis, numerous musculoskeletal disorders, and various pain syndromes. Notably, it addresses wear and tear injuries, including osteoarthritis of knees, hips, hands, shoulders, and elbows., EMTT is ideal for treating lower back pain, arthritis, as well as inflammation of tendons and joints.

The pulsed EMTT energy awakens the body's natural aptitude for healing, advances degenerative joint regeneration, and has an analgesic effect on pain. Explore scientific research on EMTT:

The Best Shockwave Therapy Devices for Osteoarthritis

Selecting the best shockwave device for osteoarthritis may initially seem overwhelming. STORZ Medical is the gold standard in shockwave – it’s the best choice and available from CuraMedix.

Below are the featured models from the OrthoPulse Ultra Series, powered by STORZ Medical; this series features radial pressure wave machines:

OrthoPulse Ultra 200

ortho-pulse-200_webThe OrthoPulse Ultra 200, also known as the D-ACTOR 200 Ultra and MASTERPULS® MP200. This EPAT system includes integrated compression technology, three applicators, an LED display, and an optional touchscreen.

OrthoPulse Ultra 100

OrthoPulse Ultra 100-1The OrthoPulse Ultra 100, also known as the D-ACTOR 100 ULTRA and MASTERPULS® MP100, also features integrated compression technology, three applicators, and an LED display.


OrthoPulse Ultra 50


The OrthoPulse Ultra 50, also known as the D-ACTOR 50 Ultra and MASTERPULS MP50®, is a compressed air ballistic pulse wave generator with three applicators and an LED screen.


The DuoLith series includes a range of focused shockwave devices powered by STORZ Medical for your medical practice.


duolith-sd1-t-top-ultraThe DUOLITH® SD1 Ultra Modular System is a modular powerhouse featuring Radial Pressure Wave (EPAT), Focused Shock Wave (ESWT), and Diagnostic Ultrasound in one device.

DUOLITH® SD1 Ultra Modular System


The DUOLITH® SD1 Ultra Modular System is a modular powerhouse featuring Radial Pressure Wave (EPAT), Focused Shock Wave (ESWT), and Diagnostic Ultrasound in one device.

Dr. Anthony E Joseph, MD Portneuf Medical Group - OrthoIdaho


“Combined extracorporeal shockwave therapy has greatly improved my ability to provide patients with pain free treatment that keeps them in their sport and activity. Its use for tendinopathies, bone edema, and arthritis (among a growing list of pathologies) results in a faster recovery and rehabilitation in a majority of patients and athletes and is well tolerated universally. Want to up your game? Add shockwave therapy to your sports medicine practice.”

Dr. Anthony E Joseph, MD
Portneuf Medical Group - OrthoIdaho

CuraMedix - Dr. Veronica Jow


"I think that people want something that's going to help them feel good right away, and we almost always use shockwave along with exercises and other things. The ability to decrease their pain right up front is a huge sell. I would say one of the benefits is that you can experience an analgesic component right away. While not covered by insurance, the cost-effective nature of shockwave far outweighs the alternative if you think about how many return visits people come back for when they don't get better."

Dr. Veronica Jow, MD
Avid Sports Medicine


Why Partner with CuraMedix for your Shockwave and EMTT Devices

When investing in a shockwave therapy or EMTT device for your practice, prioritize the importance of steadfast support from your initial expression of interest and inquiry throughout the buying and onboarding journey to maintenance and after-sales support. This customer-centric approach is what you should expect from the company you choose to partner with and is essential to optimal device performance and integration success.

CuraMedix is the leading distributor of the full suite of STORZ Medical shockwave and EMTT devices in the US. We have earned that top spot by providing the highest level of customer service and support. 

Comprehensive servicing, unrivaled marketing support, and educational training significantly contribute to the effectiveness and safety of regenerative technologies like EPAT/ESWT and EMTT in practice. Our comprehensive approach benefits medical practices and patients, creating a veritable win-win for all by ensuring optimal treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Learn more about the science behind shockwave, EMTT, and regenerative solutions from CuraMedix, empowering you to integrate them effectively into your practice. Contact us today, and we'll connect you with a shockwave or EMTT expert.

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