8 Orthopedic Alternatives to Surgery to Offer Your Patients

November 16, 2023  |  By CuraMedix

Doctor shows anatomy of knee joint and x-rayWhile surgery may end up being necessary to treat a troublesome orthopedic condition, in many cases it is not the only option. Fortunately, for those patients looking to avoid surgery or at least consider other options, there are many non-invasive to minimally invasive approaches to treating pain currently available to them.

Why Should You Consider Offering Orthopedic Alternatives to Surgery?

While there are some cases in which surgical intervention is the only path forward, more often than not, patients can benefit from a less invasive approach. Nowadays, patients want to explore possible alternatives to surgical intervention, as surgery usually entails extended recovery periods, rehabilitation, and prolonged downtime.

Today, it’s essential for medical professionals to embrace and offer orthopedic alternatives to surgery whenever possible. A conservative approach to orthopedic care is a winning scenario for practitioners and patients. The goal should be to relieve pain, reduce or eliminate downtime, and facilitate healing without surgery. 

Increasingly, patients seek out alternative treatments by name, and a simple online search leads them to providers offering the desired solutions. 

Offering orthopedic alternatives to surgery is sure to differentiate your practice from other care providers with limited services. This gives you a competitive edge and helps patients heal non-surgically in the best manner possible.

8 Orthopedic Alternatives to Surgery

Depending on the diagnosis of an orthopedic condition and the root cause of the pain, numerous non-invasive to minimally invasive alternatives exist to explore before considering orthopedic surgery.

It's essential to allow patients to explore every safe alternative possible before recommending surgery. Here are some common orthopedic alternatives to surgery to consider.

1. Shockwave Therapy (ESWT and EPAT)

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy is an innovative technology backed by Level 1 evidence that shows exceptional regenerative capacity and accelerated healing potential in treating numerous orthopedic disorders, often eliminating the need for surgery. This medical disrupter is revolutionizing patient care worldwide because of its incredible capacity to increase collagen synthesis, stimulate cellular proliferation, and tame inflammation. 


Relative newcomer Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy (EMTT) presents a new healing approach in regeneration and rehabilitation. EMTT empowers practitioners to expand the available non-invasive treatment options for musculoskeletal disorders and tendinopathies. This novel magnetic therapy technology offers an innovative treatment choice for patients to recover significantly faster without surgery, avoiding unnecessary risks or downtime.

Not long ago, CuraMedix launched a new and noteworthy EMTT device, the MAGNETOLITH, powered by STORZ Medical, into the U.S. market.

Ready to harness the power of EMTT? Read our white paper!

3. Physical Therapy

Why undergo invasive surgery when physical therapy offers an excellent means of strengthening and healing? A carefully crafted plan of PT care can effectively diminish pain, enhance mobility, and restore functionality in many cases. By adhering to an appropriate physical therapy program, there is a possibility of entirely avoiding surgery and returning to an active lifestyle without facing the inherent risks associated with an operation.

4. Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors concentrate on musculoskeletal structure, with particular attention focused on the spine. This care is based on a holistic approach and considers the body an interconnected system. Using hands-on manipulations and adjustments to bring the body into alignment and balance.

This treatment ignites a natural healing process and is particularly helpful in alleviating and addressing back pain, neck pain, headaches, and joint discomfort.

5. Injections (Corticosteroids, Hyaluronic Acid)

For individuals experiencing joint pain, especially in the hips and knees, cortisone injections have traditionally been one of the most frequently recommended treatments. They are safest to be used as a short-term solution, and when used in excess, they are shown to cause more harm than good. Consider cortisone injections as a source of temporary relief from inflammation and pain.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is frequently used to treat osteoarthritis. The use of HA in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis has been determined to be moderately to highly effective in improving physical function and relieving pain, according to this published study.

6. Bracing and Orthotics

Depending on the condition, braces or supports may be utilized to provide stability and reduce strain on the affected area.

For patients looking to sidestep surgery or seeking extra assistance in pain management and supportive relief, bracing or orthotic devices (orthoses) present a viable alternative for many individuals.

7. Acupuncture

Some patients experience remarkable relief from pain through acupuncture treatment. This ancient traditional Chinese medicine technique involves the insertion of thin needles into specific meridian points on the body.

Explore the efficacy of acupuncture in treating low back pain published in Integrative Medicine Research.

8. Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)

RFA is a recognized treatment for chronic osteoarthritis pain linked to persistent neck, back, and sacroiliac issues. This procedure employs focused heat on specific nerve tissues to interrupt the transmission of pain signals to the brain.

An added bonus of Radiofrequency Ablation is that it's a minimally invasive procedure that offers substantial relief.

How Shockwave and EMTT Provide Better Patient Outcomes

ESWT, EPAT, and EMTT are standouts among medical disruptors, as confirmed by our practice partners. These regenerative technologies are transformative game-changers for those who leverage their capabilities to deliver best-in-class patient outcomes. 

Dive into insights for better patient outcomes with shockwave and EMTT.

  • Non-Invasive

Shockwave and EMTT are game-changing non-invasive alternatives; patients report minimal discomfort and also avoid potential risks that often accompany surgical procedures. These evidence-based technologies make them particularly attractive treatments to consider for those seeking orthopedic alternatives to surgery.

  • Pain Reduction

Shockwave and EMTT treat the root cause of pain and have a rapid analgesic effect, offering lasting pain relief. Numerous studies demonstrate that these therapies promote healing and reduce the reliance on pharmaceutical pain medications. 

  • Faster Recovery

The ultimate healing accelerators, ESWT and EMTT, are standout treatments that help achieve fast recovery and little to no downtime. Patients who receive shockwave and EMTT treatments benefit from speedier recovery timelines, especially when compared to traditional surgical interventions. These regenerative therapies help patients to resume activities they love more quickly, contributing to a better quality of life.

  • Improved Mobility

One of the primary advantages of shockwave and EMTT is the vast mobility improvement for patients with musculoskeletal disorders. These treatments naturally facilitate increased joint flexibility and improved range of motion by stimulating tissue regeneration and awakening the body's natural healing process. 

  • Enhanced Patient Retention

When patients find the best treatment options, it builds loyalty and reduces the need to seek alternative approaches elsewhere. Choosing shockwave and EMTT as part of an orthopedic treatment plan delivers optimal patient outcomes and, in turn, enhances patient retention. 

  • Expanded Treatment Options

Integrating shockwave and EMTT into your continuum of care expands the range of treatment options for multiple orthopedic conditions. Adding the 'right' medical technologies allows providers to customize treatments to individual patient needs, offering a comprehensive and elevated level of care.

  • A Competitive Edge 

Utilizing regenerative medical technologies like shockwave and EMTT can help medical providers and clinics achieve a competitive edge within a geographical area or region. Offering innovative and non-invasive solutions sets a practice apart.

  • Non-Pharmaceutical Approach

Shockwave and EMTT tackle pain at its root in short order; there is no need to rely on a pharmaceutical approach. A more holistic and non-invasive approach is trending, and patients increasingly prefer drug-free options for managing their orthopedic conditions.

  • Evidence-Based Approach

An ever-growing body of evidence supports the efficacy of shockwave and EMTT. Medical professionals can confidently integrate these therapies into their practice, knowing that they are backed by mountains of scientific studies that prove their efficacy in providing orthopedic alternatives to surgery.

  • Patient Satisfaction 

Experience exceptionally high patient satisfaction rates with shockwave and EMTT! Be sure to collect patient testimonials to attract new patients seeking social proof of successful outcomes and high levels of patient contentment. 

It's important to note that shockwave is also being used pre- and post-surgery to advance healing outcomes.

April Newsletter - Dr. Robert Conenello

"If you're treating patients who are active, who want to keep moving, and who are looking to get better, you need to bring in the best to your practice... You need to have shockwave. It's a no-brainer. Now that I offer radial pressure wave and focused shockwave, I have people coming from hours away so that they can avoid surgery and get better faster." 

- Dr. Robert Conenello
Orangetown Podiatry

Prof Dr Karsten Knobloch, Hanover, Germany


"For me, the MAGNETOLITH complements the combined shockwave therapy in a congenial way. In my sports practice, I see clear synergistic effects on diseased tendons and bones that result in accelerated tissue healing. This is of immense importance, especially for the top athletes I look after."

- Prof Dr Karsten Knobloch, Hanover, Germany


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