ESWT and EPAT Treatment Tips to Get Patients Back in Action!

October 29, 2021  |  By Elise Hamann

Blog - ESWT and EPAT Treatment Tips to Get Patients Back in Action

When you get right down to it, it’s not just about getting patients back in action – but faster, more efficiently, and with no downtime. Non-invasive, regenerative solutions like EPAT and ESWT work independently or in tandem to produce healing outcomes in musculoskeletal conditions and much more.

EPAT (Extracorporeal Pressure Activation Therapy) is a proprietary form of shockwave therapy well suited for patients who suffer from acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders or connective tissue disorders. Radial pressure wave therapy, also known as EPAT, uses high-energy acoustic pressure waves to treat patients in a non-invasive manner and requires no downtime.

ESWT (Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy), also known as focused shockwave, generates maximum force at a selected depth and has higher energy. This non-invasive treatment delivers shockwaves to treat chronic, recalcitrant tendinopathies and injured soft tissue to reduce pain and promote healing. This treatment is backed by science and is an innovative and effective alternative to surgery.

Both ESWT and EPAT are celebrated among innovative regenerative technologies and hailed as treatment game-changers. Let’s dive right into essential shockwave treatment tips needed to get your patients back to the activities they love, sooner rather than later:

Tip #1: Redefine Patient Care

As regenerative technologies, EPAT and ESWT expand patient care horizons by offering an excellent alternative to invasive and/or surgical interventions. Steroid injections or the risk of invasive surgery are no longer the only options -- shockwave provides an exceptional treatment alternative.

Patients welcome pain-free ease of treatment with restorative shockwave. Both shockwave technologies work in harmony to enhance and trigger the body’s natural healing abilities on a cellular level.

For patients who can’t afford or don’t want to sacrifice weeks of downtime for surgical recovery and physical therapy – the value of a non-invasive treatment option like shockwave is inestimable.


Tip #2: Educate Your Patients – Communication is Key

Remember, you’re not selling a service; you’re offering a best-in-class solution to bring relief to your patient – and that’s where education through effective communication comes in. Educating them on the option of shockwave vs. traditional, limiting options. People want to understand features, benefits, and expectations.

Explain what they can expect during treatment, help them set realistic treatment goals. Get them fully invested in their healing journey by partnering with them at the outset.


Tip #3: Share Your Excitement About Evidence-based Shockwave

Share your excitement about evidence-based shockwave therapy, which is notably backed by mountains of clinical studies conducted for over thirty years. Your confidence in the technology will shine through, and they’ll likely share in your excitement for this regenerative approach.

The accumulation of evidentiary data relative to shockwave therapy in treating musculoskeletal disorders and connective tissue disorders continues to expand.

Tell them about how you discovered shockwave, what made you invest in the technology, and then explain why you feel it’s THE BEST treatment option for them.


Tip #4: Treat the Root Cause of Pain and Dysfunction

EPAT and ESWT treat the root of pain non-invasively – no risk, no downtime, no surgery, scarring, or anesthesia.

By getting to the root source of patient pain and dis-ease, shockwave therapy facilitates healing and accelerates recovery. By stimulating the body’s regenerative potential, shockwave restores the body rather than causing further harm to an already damaged area.


Tip #5: Facilitate Healing and Accelerate Recovery Timelines

By revitalizing blood flow in the treatment area, radial and focused pressure waves trigger a natural healing process. Shockwave delivers quick, effective, and lasting relief to patients – so they can get back quickly to the activities they love, thus enhancing their quality of life.

The speedy recovery timeline makes it a popular treatment option among athletes and weekend warriors alike. Getting patients back in action without delay is a win-win for the patient and medical practice alike.


Tip #6: Tandem Treatment Approach

In many cases, a tandem approach to treatment is utilized, thus producing amplified benefits of both treatments.

Shockwave treatment can also be paired with and enhanced by Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy (EMTT) and other regenerative modalities.

Incorporating the full arsenal of regenerative treatment modalities into your practice opens new doors of growth for medical practitioners not previously available.


Tip #7: Make Shockwave Therapy a First-Line Treatment Option

Too often, medical practitioners wait until other treatments are unsuccessful before considering shockwave. Those who treat with shockwave as a first-line treatment see their patients reap the rewards quickly and easily without unnecessary suffering.

Why hold back on a treatment that’s been proven so effective by numerous clinical studies? Put shockwave to work from the start – your patients will thank you!


Tip #8: Promote that You Offer EPAT and ESWT

To encourage patients to say “Yes” to shockwave, you’ll want to get the word out in every way conceivable.

For starters:

  • Post on social media channels
  • Do a postcard mailing
  • Have in-office posters and takeaways like brochures
  • Update your website
  • Share a video of what shockwave therapy looks like
  • Digital marketing: announcing new regenerative technologies through e-blast and e-newsletters.
  • Have staff inform patients during check-in or check out
  • Start a conversation with any patient who could benefit


Tip #9: Collect and Share Treatment Testimonials

Patient testimonials are pure GOLD! If you don’t have a system for encouraging and collecting testimonials, it’s high time you put a plan in place.

Written reviews are excellent, of course, but the power of video brings testimonials to a whole new level. For in-depth tips, be sure to read How to Attract New Patients? 14 Tips to Create Engaging and Educational Patient Testimonial Videos.

By providing a non-surgical option to treat the root cause of pain and dysfunction, accelerate the healing process, and improve the quality of care offered to patients – shockwave is a recognized disruptor in regenerative medicine. Learn more by reading the white paper, What Makes Shockwave So Successful in Medical Applications?


Redefine Patient Care by Adding Shockwave to Your Continuum of Care

Set your practice apart by offering the regenerative solutions your patients are seeking. Increasingly, patients are searching for specific treatment modalities by name. Become known as the leading provider for regenerative medicine in your community.

CuraMedix partners closely with healthcare clients to provide marketing know-how to facilitate the practice growth you seek.

We look forward to connecting to answer any questions you may have about the possibility of adding shockwave to your continuum of care. Contact us today, and we’ll connect you with one of our shockwave experts.

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