Top 3 Resolutions for Physicians (And Why They Matter Now)

January 11, 2019  |  By Elise Hamann
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New year, new goals!

To make this year even better than the previous one, professionals like you might be looking at things to add, change, refresh, upgrade, or even ditch. What’s “new” that will help you achieve the success you have set your sights on? Check out these three resolutions that are topping the list for many physicians.

Resolution 1: Stronger focus on patient satisfaction

More physicians are focusing on ways to keep their existing patients happy, healthy -- and returning year after year. 

Why? 88% of patients confirm they would switch providers without hesitation if dissatisfied.1 

Resolution 2: Differentiate from others in your area

What can you offer your patients that other practices don’t have? Which key drivers for patient satisfaction will make you unique when compared to the practice next door?

For example, 36% of patients say healthcare providers can improve satisfaction by providing a wider range of treatment options.1 

Resolution 3: Increase referrals 

Providers know that recommendations from friends, family and other medical professionals are important to patients.

In fact, 84% of providers say many of their patients will search for providers by asking someone in their personal network for recommendations.1 What can you do to encourage your existing patient base to spread the word about you?

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Remember, while many tried-and-true tools and approaches might be working well for you, one could argue that there’s always an opportunity and room for something new. 

And yet, it’s not just adding “new” for the sake of checking a box on the list. It should be about enhancing you as a medical professional as well as your practice. 

If there’s something new that could help you run your office better and more efficiently, make it a happier environment for all, help you attract new patients and referrals, get your patients better faster, actually add value to your practice and help you grow your business… then go for it! 

Here’s to 2019 and to making this an exceptional year.

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