How to Treat Chronic Pain - Insights from the 2021 CPMA Symposium

November 15, 2021  |  By Elise Hamann

Blog_How to Treat Chronic Pain - Insights from the 2021 CPMA SymposiumIt’s fair to say many medical professionals long for the return of in-person events to network, learn, grow, and be inspired. The Connecticut Podiatric Medical Association (CPMA) recently hosted an in-person Symposium. Key insights included the importance and value of innovative, evidence-based approaches to treat chronic pain effectively and non-invasively. ESWT, EPAT, and EMTT were therapies highlighted throughout the meeting.

In addition to demonstrations of shock wave therapy as a means of relieving acute pain and accelerating healing in patients, attendees heard compelling presentations from world-renown regenerative medicine experts, including Ludger Gerdesmeyer, MD, PhD, FIPP, and Karsten Knobloch, MD, FACS

Since travel restrictions between Europe and the United States were in place at the time, both doctors appeared virtually, and we’re excited to share their full presentations.  

How to Treat Chronic Pain with Radial Pressure Wave and Focused Shock Wave

Be sure to view the presentation “The Use of Radial Pressure Wave and Focused Shock Wave in the Treatment of Chronic Pain“ by Karsten Knobloch, MD, FASC, where he covers the uses and differences between both technologies. Radial pressure wave, also known as EPAT, relies on high-energy acoustic pressure waves to treat patients in a non-invasive manner and requires no downtime. ESWT (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy), also referred to as focused shock wave, generates maximum force at a selected depth and has higher energy. 

Both ESWT and EPAT are celebrated among innovative treatment modalities and stimulate a plethora of actions rather than a single effect. Let’s consider the multitude of actions facilitated by both: 

  • Stimulation of Microcirculation (blood, lymph)
  • Reduction of unmyelinated (pathological) nerves
  • Release of substance P
  • Increase of cell wall permeability
  • Release of nitric oxide in vessels
  • Antifibrotic effect
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Stimulation of growth factors
  • Stimulation of stem cells
  • Anti-bacterial effect

In conclusion, ESWT and EPAT effectively stimulate healing in numerous pain syndromes and musculoskeletal disorders. Karsten Knobloch, MD, noted a learning curve in shock wave therapy is apparent given suggested standard, advanced, and expert indications, as well as experimental uses on the horizon. He foresees potential complimentary ESWT treatments to include PRP/stem cell and/or hyaluronic acid treatments for improved outcomes.

Intrigued by what you’ve seen from Dr. Karsten Knobloch? Be sure to view his other presentations in our webinar library: The Importance of Shock Wave in Regenerative Medicine and ESWT in Aesthetics

How to Treat Chronic Pain with EMTT

At the event, the next to present was leading expert Ludger Gerdesmeyer, MD, PhD, FIPP, with his insightful presentation on the power of EMTT, titled “New Innovations in the Treatment of Chronic Pain and Osteoarthritis with EMTT.” Check out the link to view his presentation in its entirety. 

The key problems seen in sports medicine today include pain caused by inflammation, trauma, and degeneration. The question becomes how to deal with these complex pathologies.

Given a choice between surgical and non-surgical treatment options, patients naturally choose the latter, and those non-surgical approaches can include chemical, biological, and physical treatments. Add to that non-invasive newcomer, EMTT, a viable treatment modality to address inflamed soft tissue and musculoskeletal disorders.

Revered as one of the most innovative technologies to treat chronic musculoskeletal diseases, EMTT is evidence-based, non-invasive, and an exceptional complement to EPAT/ESWT. Compared to other magnetic field technology, EMTT distinguishes itself due to its high oscillation frequency of 100 – 300 kHz. This feature allows for deeper penetration and a more comprehensive range of applications.

Throughout, Dr. Ludger Gerdesmeyer cites numerous clinical studies to support the efficacy of EMTT. The doctor discusses translating biological complexity into more powerful therapeutics. Healing may be further amplified by combining EMTT with ESWT. 

In closing, Dr. Ludger Gerdesmeyer left us to contemplate this remark “Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.” We are living in a time where innovative technologies such as EMTT have been made manifest, and the modality ignites your body’s natural healing abilities.

Dr. Gerdesmeyer indicated that EMTT supports biological processes, including bone-healing, implant integration, rehabilitation, inflammation, after trauma/surgery, and bio-regeneration.

Want to learn more about EMTT from renowned expert Dr. Ludger Gerdesmeyer? Watch this highly informative webinar The Official U.S. Introduction to EMTT and the MAGNETOLITH Debut

Redefine Patient Care by Adding Shock Wave and EMTT to Your Continuum of Care 

CuraMedix is committed to helping medical professionals integrate innovative, evidence-based, non-surgical tools and technology into their continuum of care. You can broaden your treatment options and help patients get better faster without surgery, risk, or downtime.

Perhaps you’ve been inspired by the presentations above on how to treat chronic pain effectively or the research you’ve done yourself. You can and should set your practice apart by offering the regenerative solutions your patients are seeking. 

We look forward to connecting to answer any questions you may have about the possibility of regenerative technologies to your continuum of care. Contact us today, and we’ll connect you with one of our shock wave and EMTT experts.

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