"EPAT Is Voodoo!" Here’s What Physicians Have to Say About This Myth

February 26, 2019  |  By Elise Hamann

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For physicians who have not yet discovered the advantages of EPAT (Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology) and how it works, it's easy to simply brush it off. And despite the fact that EPAT is evidence-based and backed by clinical research, we often hear the following:

“EPAT is voodoo!”

If you’ve ever thought about EPAT in this way, you’re not alone. To help you better understand how your medical peers value EPAT, check out these first-hand responses to the sentiment above.

"My experience shows that the effectiveness of EPAT depends on your skill level. I get 100% success with my Plantar Fasciitis cases because I look at the different areas of the foot and ankle that could be causing the pain and problem, including the Achilles. I'm extremely confident talking to my patients and telling them that this is going to work!" 

Dr. John Murphy, DPM
Maryland Podiatry Center

“Having a tool in your hands that can stimulate a regenerative response and induce the body to heal itself is invaluable. I have seen with my own eyes how offering EPAT in my practice can improve my patient’s pain, function, and quality of life, and that alone is worth the investment.” 

David Cunningham, MD
Founder, Infinity Men’s Health
Co-founder, Infinity Family Care, PC

To someone who claims EPAT is voodoo, I’d say, ‘You obviously have not read the massive amounts of research that’s out there. It works and saves patients from surgery and is backed by volumes of scientific research. Please do your diligence before making irrational comments not based on fact!’” 

Dr. Mark Armbruster, DC
Denver Vitality Center

“EPAT has been a great addition to our practice. Anybody who doesn’t have this in their office is really missing the boat.” 

Dr. Harvey Lederman, DPM
West Hartford Podiatry

“If someone tells me that EPAT is voodoo medicine, I tell them to rethink the way they approach an injury. The body’s normal physiological response to an injury is to create an inflammation. During this inflammatory phase, cells produce growth factors to facilitate and repair the injury.”

“Where is the science in suppressing the inflammatory response with NSAIDs and steroid injections? Wouldn’t it be great if we could hit the reset button on the inflammatory phase of healing?  Enter EPAT…”

“After carefully researching the technology, we brought EPAT to our Maryland office in 2015. It quickly became obvious that we were onto something. Patients were not only improving clinically, but we could document the improvement on diagnostic ultrasound. We brought a unit into our Washington DC office the following year. I have become a passionate believer in EPAT and can say it has revolutionized the way I approach injuries.”

“I will end by saying I run marathons, including a few Bostons. I am entwined with the local running community.  There is no better feeling than that high-five from one of my patients at a race for getting them back from injury. I am also an EPAT success story after bilateral Achilles tendonosis in 2017!” 

Dr. Lee Firestone, DPM
Foot and Ankle Specialists of the Mid-Atlantic, LLC

Still have questions and concerns about EPAT, including how it works and how your patients can benefit? We’re happy to discuss! Give us a call at 401-333-6500 or contact us at any time. 

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