[RADIO INTERVIEW] Dr. Brett Brodbeck Highlights the Benefits of EPAT For His Patients and His Practice

July 24, 2019  |  By Elise Hamann

brodbeckHow are some physicians helping their patients reverse disease, overcome health plateaus and become the healthiest version of themselves so they can live life to the fullest?

In this Maximize Your Health radio show, you’ll learn about today’s most prevalent trends around EPAT (Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology) as a treatment option, including how it helps your patients and create better outcomes for your practice. 

The podcast, hosted by Dr. Lee Thomas on 98.9 FM in Columbus, Ohio, and featuring special guest Dr. Brett Brodbeck, DC and Founder of S.T.A.R. Therapy, delves into some of today’s most common ailments – and how conventional treatments aren’t actually treating them at the root of the problem.  Dr. Thomas and Dr. Brodbeck unpack the following topics:

  • The range of medical conditions, including elbow pain, tendinitis, foot issues, carpal tunnel syndrome and other soft tissue injuries, that Dr. Brodbeck successfully treats on a regular basic with EPAT.
  • How EPAT stimulates your body's natural ability to heal the damaged tissue non-invasively. 
  • The compelling outcomes EPAT creates for Dr. Brodbeck’s practice: “Over the past four or five months, about 95% of patients have seen results within a few weeks.”
  • The “medical merry-go-round of care” for patients who unsuccessfully pursue the wrong treatment path, wasting time and money on treatment options that are misaligned with their injuries.
  • What a typical regimen of care looks like for patients who are referred to Dr. Brodbeck for EPAT treatment.

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