Leader of the Pack, Paul Hobrough, Ensures Runners Don’t Miss a Step

March 25, 2020  |  By Elise Hamann

CuraMedix-Book-Buzz_Paul-Hobrough-Keeps-Runners-RunningRenowned UK physiotherapist, exercise physiologist and sports scientist, Paul Hobrough’s primary specialty is treating runners. An early adopter of EPAT/ESWT, he regularly incorporates this preferred modality into his treatment plan for a variety of running-related injuries.

Also well known for being an educator and frequent contributor to Runner’s World magazine, Paul recently authored two books for runners: Running Free of Injuries: From Pain to Personal Best and The Runner's Expert Guide to Stretching: Prevent Injury, Build Strength and Enhance Performance.

You’ll find these books to be particularly useful if you treat many runners in your practice -- and your patients will too! Here’s a quick summary of key insights into injury prevention. 

Running Free of Injuries: From Pain to Personal Best 

Unfortunately, runners have the highest injury rate of all recreational athletes. Running Free from Injuries has been called the ultimate guide to help runners detect, heal and prevent running injuries. In this book, Hobrough details a step-by-step process for avoiding and managing common injuries. 

Through his work with Olympic and world-champion competitors, he helps runners of all levels understand their bodies more fully, identify weak areas and develop natural defenses. 

Common injuries your patients may experience from foot to hip are covered with emphasis on early detection. You may also appreciate that Hobrough’s approach is from the perspective of an EPAT/ESWT physician, as he describes and reinforces the effectiveness of EPAT/ESWT for quick and effective recovery for common conditions such as plantar fasciitis along with a wide range of soft tissue and bone injuries. 

Available in e-reader and paperback formats, the book even includes training sessions you can discuss with patients and add to their existing program as appropriate. 

"A must have book for runners of all abilities. Any niggle you feel, you can be sure to find help and guidance in this fantastic book." ―Laura Weightman, 1500m European and Commonwealth medalist

The Runner's Expert Guide to Stretching: Prevent Injury, Build Strength and Enhance Performance 

Hobrough’s second book, due to be published later this month, is the ultimate guide for runners of all abilities. Hobrough explains the often overlooked or poorly executed practice of stretching, one which is critical to helping ease pain, build strength, enhance performance and prevent injury. 

Whether your patients are marathon runners or occasional joggers, there are a wide range of stretches organized by body part, which you may find useful to complement other preventative measures you’re recommending as a medical professional. 

“We didn't realize that holding a pen between our toes and writing with it was a useful exercise, until we read The Runner's Expert Guide to Stretching ... It's full of dynamic stretches to improve your running technique, but also prevent injury.” ―The Scotsman

A well-informed patient is often more receptive to exploring non-surgical treatment options such as EPAT/ESWT. You may want to consider picking up copies of Running Free of Injuries: From Pain to Personal Best and The Runner's Expert Guide to Stretching: Prevent Injury, Build Strength and Enhance Performance for your waiting area or treatment room. 

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