5 Website Improvements That Will Help You Attract Your Ideal Patients

July 8, 2022  |  By Elise Hamann

5 Ways to Improve Your Website to Attract Ideal Patients  (2) (1)

What role does your website play in your practice success?

Since we're all so digitally inclined, your website's potential and impact cannot be underestimated.

Your website is your virtual billboard, and if you fail to communicate an immediate and powerful value proposition on your site's homepage, you've lost an opportunity (perhaps forever). Ideally, your website should drive traffic, engage visitors, and convert them into patients and raving fans.

Sound like a heavy lift? While it may seem daunting to achieve all that, it can be done. For the sake of simplicity, let's focus on how to ensure your website is visitor-centric because that's the key to attracting your ideal patients.

1. A Visitor-Centric Website

What drove the visitor, a patient, to your site to explore your practice?

The patient is there for answers, plain and simple:

  • Susie wants to finally deal with foot pain so she can get back to tennis and playing with her grandkids. Can you help?
  • Robert wants to return to jogging in the mornings and golf on the weekends after a fall off a ladder. Can you get him moving?
  • Dave, a professional athlete, wants to know about alternatives to invasive surgery to address a knee injury. What do you offer?
  • Jillian is looking for game-changing regenerative treatments by name. Do you offer them?

Potential patients are investigating and doing their homework online because of a health condition they want to resolve, and they need your help. Can you help them regain their quality of life? If so, the answers should be self-evident on the homepage. And all of them want to know what other patients have to say about you and your practice. Do you have written or video patient testimonials?

If you are not providing answers to what they are looking for, quickly, they will move on to search a competitor's site. Give them what they want right away, and they will opt to schedule an appointment (make that possible through your site). Remember, they are focused on their pain and health concerns and want to know if you are the physician or healthcare provider that can help. Give the information they need to discern if you're a good fit for them.

Also, the homepage is not a place for self-promotion, team profiles, and other information that distracts visitors from their mission-based research. Save all of that for the About page; they can look there if they choose.

2. Clear Descriptive Messaging Throughout the Site

Don't assume that visitors know the first thing about your practice. Use clear, descriptive headlines that differentiate you from competitors. Remember, every website has the same opportunity to build the right impression with each new visitor. Provide useful, descriptive information that speaks to your potential patient's concerns. Show empathy in your messaging to connect emotionally.

Your information must grab the visitor's attention, so they say to themselves, "YES! This is exactly the type of care I was looking for. At last!"

3. User Experience Matters—is Your site easy to Navigate?

Make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for…book an appointment…sign up for an email newsletter…watch an educational webinar, and so on. Remember that first-time visitors are mission-driven (and on your site for a specific purpose) and don't have much patience. Chances are, if they bounce off your site quickly, they will never return.

Can they quickly see and navigate where to click to find the desired information, or is it confusing to find their way around? While repeat users will extend many graces because they know and trust you, the same can't be said for first-time visitors. Connect with them effectively from the get-go. Ultimately, it's all about the user experience. Follow these best practices for your website to turn the user into a patient.

4. Call-to-Action (CTAs) on Every Page

While your visitor is browsing your site, you need to invite them to act. To drive action, CTAs should appear throughout the site.

  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Watch the Webinar or Instructional Video
  • Subscribe to Our Newsletter
  • Register for an Event
  • Download a Brochure
  • Read or watch a Patient Success Story

As fantastic as it is that a visitor has come to your site, it means little unless they act and click through and take the next step. Never underestimate the power of a CTA in converting a visitor into a patient. In the end, it's about providing answers your visitors seek and converting them into patients by building trust.

5. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Because your current patients and future patients spend excessive time on their phones, having a mobile-friendly website is imperative. Users expect easy mobile access, and google encourages mobile-friendly content. Mobile makes content more easily shareable, and all of this is good for your bottom line.

6. Give Your Website a Wellness Check and Apply These Best Practices

Taking stock of your current website is vital to your growth and conversion rate. Following the best practices shown above will supercharge your website's power to attract and retain the "right'" patients. Get serious about attracting your ideal patients, starting today.

A well-crafted website can become a lead magnet for your practice, which means growth and an opportunity for ROI. For patients, you may be exactly who they are looking for to address their challenging health problems once and for all. And that is ideal for a mutually beneficial relationship.

And just like we all need an annual check-up, your website needs a regular wellness check to keep improving.

What’s one of the best ways to attract new patients and achieve practice growth? Improve your website.

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