5 Ways to Leverage Video for Medical Practice Marketing

September 7, 2021  |  By Elise Hamann

5 Ways to Leverage Video for Medical Practice Marketing

If you haven't already embraced the power of video as part of your medical practice marketing strategy, it's time to get on board with this powerful and effective medium. Video marketing allows physicians and healthcare practitioners to powerfully connect with patients — an opportunity to influence existing, new, and potential patients alike. When viewing a video, patients feel as if you're speaking directly to them – that connection is part of what drives patients to your practice.

You'll see that videos are an easy way to showcase your expertise and personality, making you all the more relatable. That type of exposure and connection puts patients at ease and helps to build the trust required to put their health in your hands.

Because videos are so engaging and memorable, they are an excellent means of storytelling and promotion. Incorporating video as part of your practice marketing strategy can most certainly facilitate practice growth.

As the popularity and effectiveness of video marketing continue to skyrocket, it's the ideal time to tap into the power of video for your medical practice marketing strategy. 5 Tips to help you along the way:

1. Videos that Promote Your Practice

Here's where the storytelling begins; you want to invite the viewer in with a peek behind the virtual curtain. Share your practice story, how it was assembled, who's on the team, what makes your practice shine, etc.

Who's who videos and patient testimonials are foundational videos from which to build.

  • Who's Who Videos – Introductory videos Meet the Physician, and Meet the Staff, allow practice expertise and individual character to come alive. The best advice here is to be authentically yourself and imagine speaking to one person and speaking directly to them. Folks want to get to know who will be treating them and crafting a plan of care.

  • Patient Testimonials – Just as there are people that love to write reviews, others love the camera. Get those happy patients in the spotlight with their testimonials recorded; the more, the better. Video takes testimonials to a whole new level; people relate to other patient's journeys through healing. It's easy to see themselves in others, and the trust quotient produced from such videos is high. Consider that patient testimonials are golden nuggets for practice growth, nourish those patient relationships, and have a plan in place asking for testimonials.

2. Videos that Educate Patients

Be the teacher, the expert, the go-to resource for existing patients and prospective ones. Alleviate patient fears and empower them with educational material that builds knowledge and trust.

Medical visits can be somewhat intimidating, especially to those with white coat syndrome; knowing what to expect changes perspectives. Walk them through upcoming experiences via video, and it will be like a warm-up, prepping them for what's ahead.


  • What to Expect Videos – Explainer videos describe what a patient can expect when they come in for the first time or a particular treatment and care instructions for pre-and post-treatment. Also, consider Q and A videos covering the most commonly asked questions.
  • Procedure and Demo Videos – Some patients spend an excessive amount of time worrying about a planned procedure. You can eliminate or lessen their apprehension by sharing details and procedural videos.


3. Announcement and Practice News Videos

Have new medical technology that you're thrilled to offer which expands your continuum of care? Announce new technology and services without delay, create some buzz, by all means! Dedicate an entire video to what's new and noteworthy — your excitement for the latest technology or service will be palpable, which is all the better. Video genuinely brings things to life — capitalize on that.

Did a new practitioner join the practice? Are you moving to a new location? Expanding services or hours? Whatever is newsworthy, whatever is noteworthy, announce it through video and share on all your social channels.


4. Lights, Camera, Action!

Once you've decided to incorporate video as a part of your medical practice marketing strategy, you'll need the equipment or tools to execute the plan.

  • Lights Whether or not you hire a professional, you'll need to invest in quality lighting. Quite simply, lighting can make or break the quality of your video.

  • Camera Should you hire a professional? If you have the budget to do so, by all means, go for it. But be aware that many health practitioners keep it simple and rely on iPhones to record due to the camera quality and achieve remarkable outcomes. Some professionals prefer to invest in video equipment; the choice is yours.

  • Mic Even though iPhones have built-in mics, video sound quality is far better when using a separate mic. A shotgun mic or boom mic will properly capture audio.

  • Tripod Tripods help with positioning and video quality − whether you're using a phone or video camera.


5. Manage Your Videos and How, When, and Where to Share

You've captured great footage; now what?


Filming the video is only a first step in the process. You'll likely need to edit your content. While many options are available to get the job done, Vimeo is a trusted resource that helps professionals to help create, manage, edit and share high-quality videos. They offer an expansive selection of How-to videos, which cover everything you need to know about video. Physicians worldwide rely on Vimeo for video support and hosting.

You'll need to plan where to feature your videos: your website, YouTube, and the social channels where your prospects congregate online.

Videos capture the attention of potential patients in a remarkable way while also educating them and nurturing trust. This connection increases the likelihood that they'll take the next steps to become a patient.

Because videos play automatically as people scroll through their social timelines – it captures attention immediately. Get you and your practice in front of the camera! Amplify your influence, reputation, trust, and reach for your medical practice through the power of video.

At CuraMedix, we believe in the power of video, which is why we regularly share educational webinars.

Best Video Marketing Apps for Smartphones

App Name iPhone Android Description

Vimeo Create

The app enables you to watch high-quality videos on Vimeo AND make and edit videos in minutes, rivals iMovie.



One of the best video marketing apps to grow your business by storytelling stories through videos.


Comes with an advanced video cam on mobiles with cutting-edge capabilities.


Creating videos with Hyperlapse is easy and you can now create trouble-free time lapse videos even without the tripod or other heavy tools.


WeVideo is a powerful, easy to use, cloud-based collaborative video creation platform. Anyone can create fun videos by combining special photos, video clips, themed music and sounds from the WeVideo library.


Powerful video editing tools that don't restrict your video clip limit or embed a watermark on your video. Create pro videos and relive those memories in just a few clicks.

KIne Master

Offers unparalleled control over the process of editing on mobile devices. The handwriting layers allow the users to draw on the video directly.

DU Recorder

Offers an easy way to record screen videos smoothly and easily. Plus there is no recording time limit.


Customize your clips to create a story, add music and share it with your viewers. Quick and easy tool.

*Source: 8 Best Video Marketing App on Android and iPhone for Small Business

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