18 Great Ways to Promote Your Practice in Your Local Community

March 5, 2020  |  By Elise Hamann

18 Great Ways to Promote Your Practice in Your Local Community_CuraMedixMarketing your practice to attract new patients doesn’t always need to be expensive or complicated. In fact, even the most modest marketing budget can typically include a few of these local tactics. And when you make an investment in advanced, regenerative technologies like EPAT/ESWT, you have the opportunity to educate people about a treatment modality they likely know little about. 

Activities that get you more involved in your community often lead to lots of referrals and tremendous goodwill. And beyond benefiting your bottom line, they have unique value you can’t get from your other marketing activities, because they give you an opportunity to:

  • Build loyalty – Giving back shows you’re a good neighbor, someone whose compassion extends beyond the walls of your office. This is something people tend to remember when it comes time to choose a provider. 
  • Foster relationships – As you work alongside others, you’re bound to strike up conversations that can organically lead to new patients or referral partners. 
  • Keep it real – When you roll up your sleeves and get involved, you step outside your role as a medical professional. This personal authenticity has strong meaning that will build your practice brand. 
  • Leave a lasting impression – Whether you’re the doctor who steps forward to sponsor a local sports team or volunteers at an event, you will not likely be forgotten by those you support. 

18 Local Marketing Ideas to Get You Started

Give Back 

1. Provide free screenings or services at local events or to underserved populations.
2. Donate services to a charity fundraising event – such as a consultation or a series of EPAT/ESWT treatments for a silent auction. 
3. Have an open house at your practice to thank existing patients and introduce the community to what you offer.
4. Participate in a career fair for high schoolers interested in your field.
5. Volunteer by doing community service for a local cause you’re passionate about.

Sponsor a Group

6. Sponsor a local sports team like a little league team or running group.
7. Sponsor a support group related to your specialty, such as chronic pain. 

Get Out There

8. Participate in local school sports team events at the middle school, high school or college level. 
9. Hold or participate in a student-athlete or sports clinic.
10. Have a table or booth at a community health fair, race, sporting event, or other local or regional event related to your area of expertise.
11. Organize or participate in a local community run/walk event. Check out how one practice is doing just that
12. Exhibit at local or county fairs, depending on how large an area you attract patients from. 


13. Sign up for public speaking events related to health and wellness.
14. Participate in or organize lunch-and-learn events to share your expertise with your colleagues.
15. Give a talk on a health-related topic at your local library, assisted living facility, senior center or school where you can speak with potential patients, parents, civic leaders and others.  


16. Join your local small business association or Chamber of Commerce where you can get to know other business owners and potential referral partners.
17. Get involved with local chapters of nonprofits related to your specialty or those of interest like the local YMCA or Red Cross. You may be able to participate in their events or organize joint events. 
18. Get to know local employers by offering to provide an article for the company newsletter, participating in company-sponsored health fairs or speaking at a lunch-and-learn on a particular health topic. 

You can join an existing opportunity or event or organize one yourself. As you explore what’s available in your local community, you’ll soon uncover or develop your own ways to get involved.  

Here are a few closing tips:

  • Consider your interests – Because community marketing usually requires a time commitment, it’s important to do things you like — not only what’s good for your practice.
  • Promote your efforts – Don’t forget to post information and photos about your activities on your personal as well as your practice’s social media channels. Make sure your staff does too by either "liking" or better yet "sharing" your post.
  • Maintain a long-term view – While you may get an influx of patients as a result of your efforts, it often takes time to establish your name in the community. But once you do, the rewards can be far-reaching!

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