"EPAT is, without a doubt, the next frontier when it comes to non-invasive muscle and ligament repair."

Dr. Robert R. Meyer

Spinal Rehab Sports Medicine

“I have a lot of conviction in what I do. I put out all of the options, and then recommend why I think they should do and why.

EPAT stimulates healing and I’m seeing patients get better 50% faster. When I tell my patients they need something, I really believe that it’s the best treatment to help them. EPAT has not only opened up my schedule so I can treat more spine patients but now I have this additional income stream; which is awesome! My office is currently treating 15-20 patients with EPAT per week; my goal is to hire a PT, treat 50 patients per week, and even invest in a second device.

I truly believe EPAT is the next significant area of growth in treating pain. It’s incredible!”