“I have my life back. I tell everyone about my incredible experience and success with EPAT; it’s like a magic wand. Today I feel great and couldn’t be happier!”

A legal assistant at a Minneapolis law firm, Pat Gits’ active life had included going to the gym, biking, walking, and spending time with her two granddaughters.

But when her pain kept her from enjoying any sort of activity, she became disheartened. “My pain was excruciating. I couldn’t walk and when I did, it felt like an ice pick was being jabbed into my heel. I can honestly say my quality of life went down hill rapidly.”

Pat suffered from this debilitating pain in her left foot for over two years. She tried icing, stretching, taping, orthotics, PT, and heavy doses of steroids. “Nothing worked. I couldn’t get up from a chair and walk 10 feet without being in terrible pain. My pain was incredibly intense.”

Just fifteen years earlier, Pat had the same problem with her right foot and ended up resorting to surgery. When the pain in her left escalated, she was afraid that she would have to go the same route and have another surgery.

Instead, she reached out to Dr. Paul Langer, who diagnosed her Plantar Fasciitis and recommended that he treat her heel with EPAT.

When asked how she feels now, Pat exclaims, “Dr. Langer and EPAT gave me my life back. I tell everyone about my incredible experience. I can’t sing Dr. Langer’s praises any louder and I tell them the EPAT device is like a magic wand. I feel great and couldn’t be happier!”