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By choosing to partner with CuraMedix and invest in EPAT for his patients and practice, Dr. Nathanson:

  • Increased patient satisfaction and outcomes
  • Increased referrals and expanded reputation
  • Further enhanced his ability to customize treatment

Considered by many to be the most advanced and highly effective non-invasive treatment method cleared by the FDA, EPAT’s unique set of pressure waves stimulate the metabolism, break up persistent scar tissue, enhance blood circulation, and accelerate the healing process.

Chiropractor Touts EPAT a Game Changer for His Patients and Practice

The Challenge

Over the years, esteemed chiropractor Dr. Brian Nathanson has built his practice on reputation and referrals. He has gained a strong following of dedicated professionals who work with active clients who don’t want to be on the sidelines; clients including personal trainers, CrossFit® trainers, yoga instructors, and tennis professionals. However, Dr. Nathanson was finding that his once-reliable traditional manual therapy methods were no longer meeting his patients’ needs. When one of his patients came to him with a frozen shoulder, he was only able to help her experience minimal relief. Having always been interested in learning about new techniques and approaches to help his patients, Dr. Nathanson was inspired to research other modalities.

The Solution

Dr. Nathanson reached out to another provider who offered shock wave therapy (EPAT), a technology he had heard of but knew little about. The doctor invited Dr. Nathanson to watch the treatment being performed on another patient with a frozen shoulder, which happened with great success. In considering EPAT for his own practice, Dr. Nathanson furthered his research by reviewing the clinical evidence, speaking with other doctors, and reaching out directly to CuraMedix. He concluded that EPAT would indeed allow him to stay focused on his big-picture goals: improved patient care and patient satisfaction, and better economic outcomes for his practice.

The Results

Dr. Nathanson now uses both manual and instrument-assisted techniques including two state-of-the-art techniques, EPAT and Graston. Dr. Nathanson continues to pride himself on the connection and rapport he has with his patients. He attributes the growth of his practice and his credibility to the amount of time he spends customizing a treatment plan and approach for each individual patient. “With EPAT, I get much higher patient satisfaction. It works extremely well and helps me get my patients better faster with less recidivism, something every medical professional should be concerned about.” 

Dr. Nathanson has also been pleased with his partnership with CuraMedix, which provides ongoing support to help him meet his economic goals. “CuraMedix is a very professional and impressive company that provides amazing customer service. When you are investing in capital equipment, you want to make sure that the company you’re working with has the experience and is going to be around for the long haul. Each of their devices has the CuraMedix name right on it alongside STORZ Medical, a multibillion-dollar company. I have a great partner in CuraMedix.”

“EPAT is a differentiator. Adding this technology to my practice has been a game-changer for me, my practice, and my patients. It sets me apart from all other chiropractors in my area.”

–Dr. Brian Nathanson



Dr. Brian Nathanson, DC at New England Physical Care, specializes in the treatment of soft tissue injuries, muscular and joint-related discomfort, post-surgical mobility therapies, scar tissue, and related chronic pain issues.

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