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By choosing to partner with CuraMedix and invest in the DuoLith SD1 TT, Dr. Conenello:

  • Increased professional recognition and respect
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Increased patient referrals
  • Increased revenue from a new source
  • Increased ability to work smarter not harder

Leading Sports Medicine Physician Attracts More Patients, Improves Clinical Outcomes

The Challenge

Dr. Conenello was seeing a noticeable shift in patient care: an increasing number of his patients were inquiring about alternatives to surgery so they could get back on their feet sooner and feel better faster. Traditional treatment options, many of which involved sidelining patients for six weeks in a boot, required a wait-and-see approach that felt dated. Dr. Conenello wanted to offer his patients an innovative approach that reflected their needs and was both evidence-based and clinically proven.

Dr. Conenello recognized that to meet these needs, and to be at the forefront of sports medicine, he may need to invest in industry-leading technology. However, he wondered about the added expense of purchasing a new medical device.

The Solution

Dr. Conenello reached out to his well-respected peers who had seen much success with a newly FDA-approved focused shock wave device called the DuoLith. Dr. Conenello was already familiar with shock wave therapy; he had had an excellent experience with a radial device from CuraMedix five years prior when radial techniques were relatively new. Now, he was intrigued with the idea of incorporating a second, more robust device so that he could integrate both focused shock wave and radial shock wave for even better results in less time.

“If you’re treating patients who are active, who want to keep moving, and who are looking to get better, you need to bring in the best to your practice... You need to have EPAT. It’s a no-brainer. Now that I offer EPAT, I have people coming from hours away so that they can avoid surgery and get better faster.”

–Dr. Robert Conenello


The Results

Dr. Conenello’s investment in a second device has helped him reach his goals on many levels. He is now able to offer patients an industry-leading approach to treatment that reflects their evolving needs to feel better faster and avoid surgery.

By offering his patients both radial and focused shock wave therapy, Dr. Conenello is currently treating 25-30 patients a week with EPAT — and that number is steadily rising, right along with patient satisfaction!

Dr. Conenello has achieved an 85+% success rate with recalcitrant patients; patients who have suffered from pain for over a year and have tried everything else.

Integrating the new treatment option has also helped Dr. Conenello refocus his conversations with patients. He explains, “I don’t have to sell my patients on EPAT; I just educate them. I explain that we are increasing blood flow in and around the damaged tissue. EPAT takes the healing process to the next level.” He tells his patients and wholeheartedly believes, “EPAT is one of the newest and greatest technologies in our field.”

“Dr. Conenello has been treating me for plantar fasciitis and it has been well worth the 4-hour drive from Syracuse. While others were quick to push surgery, Dr. Conenello chose to treat me with EPAT so as not to risk my ability to run. Having run three decades of sub-3-hour marathons, I’m intent on making it four and not willing to risk it with surgery. Shock Wave has truly been ‘just what the doctor ordered!”

–Greg Carroll, Director of Athletics, Morrisville State College, Runner, Cyclist, Weightlifter



Dr. Robert Conenello, DPM of Orangetown Podiatry has practiced for more than 25 years and is Past President of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine. He has lectured around the world, specifically about sports medicine.

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