Practice Profile: Dr. Richard Braver


Using an EPAT/radial pressure wave device from CuraMedix in conjunction with PRP or physical therapy, Dr. Jow:

  • Improved patient care
  • Increased patient retention
  • Improved office productivity
  • Increased patient referrals
  • Generated new source of revenue

Adopting New Technology for Superior Patient Care

The Challenge

Dr. Braver wanted to integrate a new technology into his practice that would improve patient satisfaction and healing times, as well as differentiate him from other physicians. He knew that it was most important to treat the underlying cause, not the symptom, and address the damaged tissue.

The Solution

Although Dr. Braver relies on a variety of different methods including rest, icing, NSAIDs, injections, bandaging, strapping, stretching and physical therapy, he found that they tended to be time consuming and only temporarily addressed the pain. Moreover, he discovered that while these methods could sometimes alleviate the painful symptoms, the underlying cause of the problem would often go unaddressed. As a result, when his patients returned to activity, the pain and disability would often come back.  Unfortunately, for those patients who wanted to avoid surgery, he was forced to refer patients out to other specialists rather than keep them in-house and treat them himself.

Dr. Braver recognized that the addition of shockwave technology, EPAT, would expand his continuum of care and enhance his ability to treat patients efficiently rather than referring them to outside practitioners.

“EPAT has absolutely been a great addition to our practice and has given us the edge over other sports medicine facilities. This technology has helped us get our patients better faster so they don’t have to sit out.  In fact, we’ve found that 80% of our EPAT patients experience instantaneous relief after the first treatment and 90% success after 3 treatments, most often within 6 weeks of care.”

–Dr. Braver

The Results

By researching, investing in, and incorporating an EPAT device from CuraMedix, Dr. Braver added a solution that provides positive beneficial clinical and economical outcomes to his patients and practice. EPAT ensures that Dr. Braver is able to more effectively and efficiently treat and retain his current patients as well as attract prospective patients. 

“The most important thing about Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology (EPAT) is that it heals people and helps them avoid surgery. We often see patients who come to us after others have simply given up on them. With EPAT, we get people better faster.”

–Dr. Braver



Dr. Richard Braver, DPM, FACFAS of Active Foot & Ankle Care Center, affiliated with Hackensack University Medical Center and Hackensack Surgery Center, has practiced for more than 20 years.  He treats a significant number of patients who come to him with chronic heel and Achilles pain, chronic shin pain, as well as leg pain. He also treats multitudes of foot and ankle fractures and provides surgeries that require bone osteotomies and fixation.

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