Practice Profile: Dr. Joaquin Balaguer


By choosing to partner with CuraMedix and invest in an EPAT device, Dr. Balaguer:

  • Increased revenue
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Provided an evidence-based, non-invasive option to patients
  • Avoided cortisone, medications and, in many cases, surgery for his patients

Podiatrist’s Integration of EPAT Improved Patient Outcomes and Increased Practice Revenue

The Challenge

Podiatric Surgeon Dr. Joaquin Balaguer was interested in finding additional ways to grow his thriving practice and improve patient outcomes. His focus was integrating new and innovative technologies to support changing demands: many of his patients had been asking about non-invasive treatment options as an alternative to surgery, and Dr. Balaguer was particularly interested in shock wave therapy. However, he had tried another company’s shock wave device and it did not provide the results he knew his patients deserved. As a result, Dr. Balaguer was both wary of the technology and concerned that a new device could be a poor investment.

The Solution

After reaching out to his peers for input, reviewing extensive clinical evidence, and attending conferences, Dr. Balaguer learned that many leading doctors had experienced great success with EPAT from CuraMedix. He decided that the OrthoPulse Ultra, a radial pressure wave device,  was the best way for him to meet his goals. It would help his patients avoid cortisone, medication, and in many cases, surgery for those patients experiencing Achilles tendinosis and other connective tissue disorders.

In addition to purchasing the device, Dr. Balaguer also reframed his approach when talking with patients. When discussing a patient’s medical concerns and treatment options, he made EPAT part of the initial conversation. By offering EPAT upfront, rather than saving it as a last resort to surgery, Dr. Balaguer found that he was able to successfully and non-invasively treat more of his patients and help get them back on their feet faster.

“In my first 9 months, I treated more than 200 patients between Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles, and Peroneal Insertional Tendinosis. I am extremely impressed with the results. I’ve had great success and would recommend every podiatrist invest in an EPAT device and offer this technology to their patients.”

–Dr. Joaquin Balaguer


The Results

Dr. Balaguer met all his goals and has had great success with shock wave therapy. He was able to pay for his investment in just three months. His patient success rates utilizing the OrthoPulse Ultra from CuraMedix climbed to 80 percent (whereas the previous shock wave device resulted in a patient success rate of only 60 percent). The added revenue has afforded Dr. Balaguer the opportunity to enhance his practice and meet patient demand by offering shock wave therapy as a non-invasive treatment option and an alternative to surgery.

“I had one major concern. Outcomes. I needed this to work for my patients and help them get better faster. EPAT has worked beyond my expectations particularly for treating invasive Achilles tendinosis as well as plantar fasciitis. I’m extremely pleased with the results; and so are my patients.”

–Dr. Joaquin Balaguer



Dr. Joaquin Balaguer is a Board Certified Podiatric Surgeon, currently practicing in Bayamon and Manati, Puerto Rico and has over 25 years of experience in the field of medicine.

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