Healthcare Provider Testimonials: Orthopedics

"This leading sports medicine physician was looking to invest in industry-leading technology. Here’s how he was able to improve clinical outcomes with EPAT."

Dr. Robert Conenello

Orangetown Podiatry

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"This physician’s experience with EPAT is a great example of how reframing discussions about treatment options can improve patient outcomes."

Dr. Joaquin Balaguer

Clinica Avanzada del Pie

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"Adding EPAT technology to his practice turned out to be a significant differentiator from other chiropractors in his area and became a game-changer for both his patients and his practice."

Dr. Brian Nathanson

New England Physical Care

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“The EPAT system works. That’s the bottom line! It’s one of the most effective treatment modalities that we offer here at the Hospital for Special Surgery in our non-surgical Foot and Ankle service.”

Dr. Rock Positano

Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC


“I have been amazed and gratified by the results I’ve seen with EPAT. It’s great to get athletes back to their activities– running, having avoided surgery, and back to enjoying life.”

Dr. Douglas H. Richie

Seal Beach Podiatry Group


"EPAT is, without a doubt, the next frontier when it comes to non-invasive muscle and ligament repair."

Dr. Robert R. Meyer

Spinal Rehab Sports Medicine


“With EPAT, I’ve been able to grow my practice by adding in a procedure that serves as an extra source of income, all while addressing my patients’ pain and improving their quality of life.”

Dr. Chris LaRocca

LaRocca Chiropractic


“The most important thing about EPAT is that it heals people when other treatments haven’t worked and helps them avoid surgery. With EPAT, we get our patients better faster so they don’t have to sit out.”

Dr. Richard T. Braver

Active Foot & Ankle Care


“There’s no other treatment approach that gets the results that EPAT delivers. When it comes to getting athletes better faster and back in the game, this technology is invaluable.”

Dr. Jason Levy

Advanced Performance & Rehabilitation Center and Team chiropractor for the NY Jets and NY Red Bulls


"All of the doctors in our practice rely on EPAT to treat patients who suffer from Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. With EPAT, we have an 80-85% success rate in resolving their pain. Our patients actually look forward to their treatments because they know it's going to help them get better. I'm blown away by how well EPAT works and, honestly, wouldn't know how we would practice without it."

Dr. Teresa Burtoft

Foot Health Center of
Merrimack Valley

"EPAT is like surgery, without doing surgery. It's a highly evidence-based, therapeutic, non-surgical modality that allows me to successfully treat the cause of my patients' pain not just their symptoms."

Dr. Michael Chin

The Running Institute

"EPAT works. EPAT is non-invasive, requires very little time to treat the patient, does not require anesthesia, and is completely ambulatory. EPAT adds revenue. This procedure offers the practice immediate cash flow with a very marketable and clinically effective modality. EPAT is progressive. We can treat patients who are acute or chronic, and the unique treatment protocol helps differentiate us from other offices."

Dr. Marc A. Lederman

West Hartford Podiatry