Acoustic Wave Therapy
Client Reviews

“Anyone who wants to be free from unsightly dimples on their thighs and buttocks in the summer needs to declare war now.”


Glamour (UK) includes EPAT in its article on the latest methods to treat connective tissue disorders.

“This (AWT procedure) is great for anyone with cellulite, stretch marks or loose skin with a course of 8-10 being recommended for best results.”


“In my early 20s my thighs were smooth and bump free but in recent years the dreaded orange peel has begun to make its mark...A course of 8 to 10 treatments with maintenance every 6 months is recommended. I have recently started my course and have already noticed an improvement.”

Vicky Eldridge

Cosmetic News, editor

“The technology uses the body’s repair mechanisms to tighten tissue–AWT’s mechanical stimulus convert into chemical activity, breaking up connective tissue, accelerating lymphatic flow, enhancing metabolic activity and stimulating fat breakdown.”

Body Language Journal