Webinar | Shockwave Physical Therapy: Regenerative Technologies for Patients with Pain

Dr. Keith Roed, PT, DPT, CMPT

Dr. Keith RoedLearn from a dynamic presenter with extensive training, Dr. Keith Roed, how to successfully integrate regenerative medicine technologies to include Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy (EMTT® ) and EPAT (Radial Pressure Wave) for breakthrough healing outcomes. Dr. Keith Roed enthusiastically shares his remarkable journey of adopting and combining modalities for optimal patient outcomes.

At Impact Physical Therapy's award-winning practices in Iowa, Dr. Roed and his team are dedicated to helping people overcome pain and redefine impossible (even if they have failed treatments elsewhere). EMTT and EPAT have been a natural fit for his synergistic approach to treatment.
During this informative and engaging session, Dr. Roed will cover the following:
  • How he found shockwave through obsessive research and put it to use
  • The clear advantages of utilizing EPAT and EMTT in your practice to help your patients
  • Clinical applications and synergistic approaches: incorporating EMTT and EPAT into your practice and combining them with other modalities and exercises for exceptional RESULTS
  • How EMTT and EPAT provide excellent treatment options even in the most complex cases
  • How the two technologies have helped him relieve many of his patients’ chronic pain conditions
  • Providing hope where other treatments have failed or fallen short
  • RESULTS that speak volumes. Patient satisfaction rate of 82% and higher!
  • Harnessing the power of bundling: a subscription model for wellness and practice benefits
  • Resolution of 80+ complex cases, successfully treated with EPAT/EMTT, avoided surgery and regained full function.
After watching this passionate and educational presentation, you'll be eager to implement changes in your practice sooner rather than later. Get ready to achieve successes that may well surpass your current expectations. Get inspired today!

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