Health Professionals Testimonials


“EPAT is a differentiator. Adding this technology to my practice has been a game changer for me, my practice and my patients. It sets me apart from all other chiropractors in my area.”

Dr. Brian Nathanson - New England Physical Care

“If you’re treating patients who are active, want to keep moving, and are looking to get better, you need to bring in the best to your practice. You need to have EPAT. EPAT is one of the newest and greatest technologies in our field. It takes the healing process to the next level.”

Dr. Robert Conenello - Orangetown Podiatry
EPAT provider

“The EPAT system works. That’s the bottom line! It’s one of the most effective treatment modalities that we offer here at the Hospital for Special Surgery in our non-surgical Foot and Ankle service.”


Dr. Rock Positano - Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC

“I have been amazed and gratified by the results I’ve seen with EPAT. It’s great to get athletes back to their activities– running, having avoided surgery, and back to enjoying life.”


Dr. Douglas H. Richie - Seal Beach Podiatry Group
EPAT treating elbow pain

EPAT is, without a doubt, the next frontier when it comes to non-invasive muscle and ligament repair.


Dr. Robert R. Meyer - Spinal Rehab Sports Medicine

“With EPAT, I’ve been able to grow my practice by adding in a procedure that serves as an extra source of income, all while addressing my patients’ pain and improving their quality of life.”


Dr. Chris LaRocca - LaRocca Chiropractic
Dr. Richard Braver

“The most important thing about EPAT is that it heals people when other treatments haven’t worked and helps them avoid surgery. With EPAT, we get our patients better faster so they don’t have to sit out.”


Dr. Richard T. Braver - Active Foot & Ankle Care
Jason Levy, DC

“From what I’ve seen, there’s no other treatment approach that gets the results that EPAT delivers. When it comes to getting athletes better faster and back in the game, this technology is invaluable.”


Dr. Jason Levy - Advanced Performance & Rehabilitation Center and Team chiropractor for the NY Jets and NY Red Bulls