Health Professionals Testimonials

Aesthetic Medicine

“There really isn’t technology out there that’s as unique and versatile as EPAT.   In addition to being able to offer a non-surgical option to my patients with cellulite, I’ve been able to bring a great adjunct tool to my surgical patients and improve their results.”

Dr. Brian Bruinewicz - Chief of Plastic Surgery at Abington Memorial Hospital

“Compared to other treatment modalities, EPAT offers a decisive advantage: it induces neoangiogenesis in the target area and this provides long-term treatment success.”


Authors M. Adatto, K. Russe-Wilfingseder, K. Raegener - From Multidisciplinary Medical Applications by H. Lohrer and L. Gerdesmeyer

“EPAT represents a valuable addition to the range of treatments for connective tissue disorders that can be performed on an outpatient basis.”

Dr. Gerhard Sattler - Rosenpark Clinic