What Makes Shock Waves So Successful in Medical Applications?


Shock wave treatment is gaining momentum across medical specialties from orthopedics and dermatology to cardiology and pain therapy. Are you curious about why it‘s so effective? In this white paper from the technical team at Storz Medical, you’ll take a closer look at the science behind this innovative technology, including:

  • How shock waves differ from other waves like ultrasound
  • The anatomy of a shock wave, including its density, velocity and how it gets transmitted
  • How wave properties like refraction, reflection, scatter and diffraction impact wave characteristics
  • The role critical parameters like pressure, focus, energy, density and momentum play on shock wave efficacy
  • Why shock waves pass through homogeneous soft tissue without changing or damaging it

Discover why shock wave treatment has led to successful outcomes for a wide range of conditions — even showing promising results for treating neurological pathologies such as Alzheimer’s.

With plenty of illustrations and straightforward scientific explanations, this paper is a quick yet highly informative read that is beneficial for both experienced practitioners and newcomers to the field.

Gain deeper insight at how this fascinating field is advancing medical treatment. Download your copy of "What Makes Shock Waves So Successful in Medical Applications?" today!

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