Patient Testimonials


“I have my life back. I tell everyone about my incredible experience and success with EPAT; it’s like a magic wand. Today I feel great and couldn’t be happier!”


Pat Gits - Legal Assistant and Grandmother

“The EPAT treatment helped me so much. It cured me! I am back doing all the things I love to do.”


Natalli Reznik - Professional Athlete and Dancer

“Once I tried EPAT, the results came quickly. Right after my first EPAT treatment, I had much more mobility.”


Daryle Ward - Professional Baseball Player
Ankle and elbow pain treated with EPAT

“EPAT not only took away the pain but gave me back my confidence. I’m where I want to be physically and have taken my training and competing to the next level.”

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Josh Angulo - Professional Windsurfer
Dr. Richard Braver

“The most important thing about EPAT is that it heals people when other treatments haven’t worked and helps them avoid surgery. With EPAT, we get our patients better faster so they don’t have to sit out.”


Dr. Richard T. Braver - Active Foot & Ankle Care